Comox Physiotherapy Clinic

Policies & Costs

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Clinic Policies

Pelvic floor physiotherapy, incontinence, manual therapy, post partum fitness, pre-natal care, running biomechanics, cycling analysis, cranio-sacral therapy, acupuncture, IMS.

Scent Free

Comox Physiotherapy Clinic is a scent-free environment. Please do not wear fragrance or scented products to your appointment. We have many staff & patients who are allergic and/or sensitive to fragrance.


Cell Phone Use

Please turn off your phone, or set to vibrate while you are in the clinic. We respectfully ask patients to refrain from cell phone use both in the waiting room and during treatment.


Missed Appointments/Late Cancellations

Your appointment time is reserved especially for you. Many of our therapists do have a waiting list, so we ask that should you discover you are unable to make a scheduled appointment that you give us as much notice as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Regular physiotherapy or exercise physiology appointments: Cancellations made within 24 hours of your appointment time, or missed appointments, will be subject to the full visit charge.

  • Pelvic floor appointments: Due to our waiting list for these appointments, we require 48 hours notice to cancel or change pelvic floor visits. Missed appointments and/or late cancellations are subject to the full visit charge.


PLEASE NOTE: Missed appointment fees are the patient's responsibility. We are unable to bill insurers for missed visits.



Initial Visit

  • Manual Therapy  |  $70

  • Breast Cancer Rehab |  $85

  • Vertigo |  $85

  • Pelvic Floor Rehab |  $120

  • Acupuncture |  $75

  • Craniosacral Therapy  $85


Follow Up Visit

  • Manual Therapy |  $55 (regular)  //  $70 (long) 

  • Breast Cancer Rehab |  $70

  • Vertigo |  $70

  • Pelvic Floor Rehab |  $70

  • Acupuncture |  $60 (regular)  //  $75 (long)

  • Craniosacral Therapy  $70


MSP Visit Fees

If you qualify for premium-exempt MSP coverage, visit fees are as follows:

Initial Visit

  • Non-pelvic Floor |  $30

  • Pelvic Floor |  $60

Follow Up Visit

  • Regular (20 min) |  $15

  • Long (30 min) |  $30

  • Long (40 min) |  $40


ICBC Visit Fees

  • Initial Visit |  $45

  • Follow Up Visit |  $35 (short)  //  $45 (long)


Exercise Physiology

  • 1-hour appointment |  $90 + GST